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I use RssBandit to grok about 50 or so blogs, most technical, but a number of non-technical sites that I find fun or interesting.  I thought I'd share a few of the non-technical blogs I enjoy here.  If you have any non-technical daily blog stops that you enjoy, feel free to mention them in the comments.

  • Waiter Rant - ever wonder what it's like to be a waiter, or the daily grind of waiterdom?  This blog is an interesting look inside one of the nation's most common jobs.
  • The Sneeze - some guy named Steve's ramblings about life, food, and family.  He's a pretty entertaining writer, especially his section titled Steve, Don't Eat It!, in which he takes requests from visitors and eats rather gross foods and comically writes about the experience.  I particularly enjoyed his bit on Cuitlacoche.  (Sadly he has not dined on any of the Asian treats my wife enjoys, but I find about as tasty as ass: squid cookies and shrimp crackers come to mind...)
  • Cartoons - get your daily dose of Dilbert and ExplodingDog and Spamusement.
  • The Long Tail - Chris Anderson, author of a very interesting piece on Wired titled The Long Tail, keeps this blog as he pens a book on the same topic.  The Long Tail talks about how while 'hits' greatly outsell non-hits, the sum of sales of non-hits in this digital, personalized age outsells the sum of hits.  That is, over on iTunes or, the most popular songs or books do far outsell the more obscure titles, but people are buying more obscure titles in total than they are the popular ones.  A very interesting look at niche markets and how online storefronts with peer recommendations can help interested consumers pick up obscure items that they find of interest.
  • Sports - I really enjoy Bill Simmons's articles, especially those on the NBA. Bill has a great way of tapping into the true essence of the sports fan, which involves a healthy mix of sports trivia, passion, and pop culture references and comparisons (i.e., writing 300 words comparing Robert Horry to Nate Dogg). I also enjoy Dallas Maverick's owner Mark Cuban's blog, which gives an inner look at the thought processes of the NBA's most eccentric billionaire. And of course (shameless plug), I enjoy reading the blogs at, which includes my own. (Yes, I read my own blog entries after writing them. I am that pathetic.)
  • Random Stuff - I find the (typically) depressing postcards over at PostSecret to be oddly addictive. I also recently found a nice little 'leagl advice/commentary' blog hosted by a local San Diegan titled a very boring, lawyer-like Legal Tips & Commentary. Being a wanna-be piano player - my education in the art stopped in fifth grade, but I still play for fun, although my wife might not call the noises I produce 'playing' - I also enjoy In The Hands, a blog by a gifted piano player who puts out a number of free recordings on his blog along with great commentary. Sadly it's been a couple months since his last post, but I'm hoping he'll pick back up soon.

Well, there's the short list of my favorite, non-technical blogs. Care to share any of your own?

Posted: Jul 21 2005, 01:36 PM by Scott Mitchell
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